World of Tanks Adding Single Player Campaigns To Consoles With War Stories, Includes New Trophies

Wargaming announced today that their free-to-play mutliplayer tank combat game World of Tanks will be getting single player campaigns exclusively on consoles. These story driven campaigns will feature both single player and cooperative play, showcasing alternate history and fantasy campaigns told across three mission arcs. On August 22nd, Wargaming will be releasing the first two of the World of Tanks single player campaigns: Brothers in Arms and Flashpoint Berlin, with two additional campaigns to release shortly after, and continued support for the single player component in the future.

Tankers transport themselves to raging battlefields, both historic and imagined, where a victory can decide the collapse of a Cold War-era Berlin blockade, an Allied victory in the Battle for Britain, and even the fate of humanity on the brink of nuclear war in an alternate ending of the Cuban Missile Crisis. At release, the first two campaigns, Brothers in Armor and Flashpoint Berlin will be available with more campaigns to be released over time. As each mission is completed, a Challenge Mode will become available allowing players to return to the campaigns with different vehicles and gameplay bonuses.

Brothers in Armor is a relatively historical War Story surrounding the events of the Battle of Romania where massive battles erupt between the US M4 Shermans and German Panzers. This War Story will entertain and train incoming players with three separate chapters that cover basic movement, scouting, sniping and a brief overview on tank armor and performance capabilities. The second campaign Flashpoint Berlin, transports tankers to an alternate history of the Cold War as a convoy of Western Allies tread across Soviet territory on the path to West Berlin.

War Stories will be included in an update to the free-to-play game and remain free for all players, with monetization continuing to follow the same model that World of Tanks’ multiplayer mode uses. These new campaigns will also include additional PS4 trophies for players to earn.

Released in 2010 on PC, and later on the Xbox 360, we finally saw a PS4 release for World of Tanks early in 2016. At that time we toured the Chicago studio and had the opportunity to talk with the developers about their vision for the console version of the game. Last week we were invited back to the studio to get some hands on time with the upcoming World of Tanks single player experience, War Stories, and talk to the team again about their roadmap for the future. You can expect our impressions of War Stories and the future of World of Tanks PS4 soon.

The War Stories update will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, and will feature 4K enhancements on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Are you going to give the World of Tanks: War Stories a shot when they start to release next week?