Raiden V: Director’s Cut Releases in the West on October 5

Arcade shoot ’em up Raiden V: Director’s Cut will release in the US on October 5, UFO Interactive has announced. A limited edition physical version for PlayStation 4, which includes a soundtrack CD, will be available via Amazon, GameStop, and BestBuy.

Here’s what you can expect from the director’s cut:

  • Updated HD Graphics – Full 1080p support brings every explosion, missile attack, and overpowering boss encounter to life like never before!
  • Tri-View HUD – Stay on top of the action as real-time score tracking and command center information continuously update you on the situation during gameplay!
  • Cheer Attack – Build up your Cheer meter through cheering fellow players and destroy your enemies with a massive missile barrage!
  • Fully Narrated Storyline – Take to the skies of real-life locations for the first time in a thrilling campaign to end the threat of the alien invaders!
  • New Ships – 3 Unique Ships with vastly different abilities and weapons are at your disposal!
  • Health Bars – The days of one hit and you’re dead are gone, but keep an eye on your ship’s health if you want to make it to your final destination!
  • Multiplayer – Take on the alien threat in local 2-player cooperative play!
  • Extra Levels – All-new exclusive levels are included for more intense Raiden action!

In Europe, the game will be published by PQube and will release a day later on October 6.