Learn How the Opening Level of BioShock Was Designed

As they teased in our interview last week, Gameumentary has released a documentary that’s about the level design of BioShock, which celebrates its 10th anniversary today. The documentary focuses on the iconic first level of the first-person shooter, Bill Gardner goes deep into the design philosophy. It’s an interesting watch.

Here’s the official description of the BioShock documentary courtesy of Gameumentary:

While we were in Boston filming our second documentary covering the Story of the Deep End Games and Perception, we took some extra time to speak with Bill Gardner about his time working on the BioShock series.

The opening level to BioShock is arguably one of the most iconic game openings of all-time, and we spent over half an hour speaking to Bill Gardner on how Irrational designed it.

Look out for our documentary on The Deep End Games and Perception this September!

Check out the excellent documentary below:

For more on Gameumentary and their KickStarter, make sure to check out our interview with Nick Calandra. Here’s how Calandra described the project:

We’re filming the Perception doc now. We’re sort of following a close schedule to what Noclip does, where we film one month and release it the next month. We did just film the Bioshock thing, and we’ll have an announcement about that soon. The 10-year anniversary is coming up, so that might be something to watch out for. Of course, if we’re funded we’ll be out in San Francisco next month doing the Outpost Games doc, and then in October we’ll be doing Kingdom Come: Deliverance in Prague, and then going out in Austin, Texas in November to do the Battlechasers, and Darksiders documentary. The Darksiders documentary would be released in early 2018, and it should be a feature length doc. As long as we’re funded we’ll have something out each month.

[Our project is] important because it humanizes developers, and we only get so much of the story through written content. I wasn’t a huge believer in video content as I wasn’t a fan of “let’s plays,” but once I saw what Danny O’Dwyer was doing, that inspired me. This is a better way to share dev’s stories. One of the most telling scenes in our Runic doc is when you look at Patrick Blank and you see the bags under his eyes. You see the stress he’s going through, and you can’t get that through a written article. He can say he’s tired, but when you look at him you see how stressed out he really is. That speaks to me more.

Check out the Gameumentary KickStarter for more.