Thimbleweed Park Trophy Guide – How to Get the Difficult Trophies

Thimbleweed Park is a graphic adventure game, the spiritual successor to Maniac Mansion and Secret of Monkey Island by the same guys who created those point-and-click puzzle titles 30 years ago. Our review speaks highly of the balance between fourth-wall breaking parody and good puzzle design, neither being too easy nor overly frustrating to figure out. Along with our review, I was able to become world’s first PS4 Platinum trophy for Thimbleweed Park, and want to share some of that expertise with you.

If you’re a trophy hunter, don’t expect this to a be Telltale level walk in the park though! Some of Thimbleweed Park’s trophies are a bit tough to get, and if you aren’t paying attention, you can complete the game and have less than half of the trophies earned. We’re here to help you earn those tough trophies while avoiding as many story spoilers as we possibly can. We’re going to skip over the story based trophies, and jump right into the more difficult Thimbleweed Park trophies.

Thimbleweed Park Trophy Guide

Easy Win and Hard Won

These two trophies are for playing on casual and hard respectively. If you beat the game on hard, you will still need to play casual for that trophy. I recommend doing the “no specks of dust” run on your casual playthrough, so that you can quickly get through it.

Great Escape – Escape from the sewers

This trophy is one you might stumble on by accident while exploring Thimbleweek Park. If you take Ray or Reyes behind the diner, they will be knocked out and you’ll have to rescue them from the sewers. This requires dropping a dime into the sewer next to the QuickiePal so the trapped character can use the payphone and call for help. You’ll need to use the free character to look up the correct number in one of the phonebooks scattered around town.

*Beephole* Mime – Push the circus mime over

Don’t miss this one! You can only get it in Ransome’s flashback, which you have to trigger to advance the story. When you see the circus mime out on the main grounds, use the push action to knock him over. Simple, yet highly missable. Don’t be like me and forget this twice, having to restart the story for a third time just to clean up for Platinum.

Dust Hoarder and Messy World

Specks of dust or the collectibles in Thimbleweed Park — they look like a small, out of place grey pixel — and these two trophies ask you to either collect 75 of them, or none at all. 75 becomes quite easy. Just make sure that you make a manual save near a speck of dust. If you haven’t gotten Dust Hoarder by the time you finish the game, reload that save, collect the speck, reload, collect, repeating until you have the trophy. Collected dust for this trophy is cumulative, not on one save file. Conversely, for Messy World, just make sure not to touch a single speck of dust during your casual playthrough and this will pop.

Thimbleweed Park trophy Guide 2

Book Worm- Read 100 books in the library

This isn’t so much difficult as it is tedious. Once you have control of Dolores, go to the library in the mansion (door in the middle of the stairway in the mansion). As you hover your cursor over the bookshelves, you will notice it bringing up the titles of the books. Just “read” 100 of them by tapping square, then opening the cover of the book. You can then back out and move onto the next one. There are well over 100 books in the library, so keep it up until the trophy pops. You can also read the books in the occult shop at the end of A street.

Fun fact: these books were written by backers of the game, so if you want to make it more fun, you can actually read some of them.

Well Informed – Read all the Thimbleweed Nickel newspapers

I was worried I would have to track these down, but they are actually all located in one place. Go to Nickel News on A street, and click square on the top of each newspaper stack in the entry way. They all have different headlines, and once you’ve read them all, this trophy will pop.

Hotel Tourist – Visit every floor in the hotel

There’s a trick to this one. I tried a few times and failed to get it, but instead of just clicking the button for each floor, you need to actually get out of the elevator on each floor. I guess standing in the elevator doesn’t count as visiting the floor.

Itchy Fingers – Use Ransome’s itch cream

Ransome’s apparently having some problems downstairs, and you need to help him out. The itch cream will be backstage at the circus, where you first put Ransome’s makeup on in his flashback. You cannot get this during his flashback. You will need to return to this area after you can control Ransome in the present day. Pick up the itch cream, use it, cringe a little, and wait for the reward.

Nuke It – Blow up the mansion

Because what’s a video game without explosions right? Another highly missable trophy that you might get just experimenting with items and exploring. To get this one, get the Strange Device from the shelf in Chuck’s lab in the mansion. Quick travel away from the mansion using the map, then repeatedly try to use the strange device. You may want to save first (which the characters will warn you about doing), because this is the only way to actually get a Game Over in Thimbleweed Park.

No One Is Home – Listen to 100 voicemail messages

Another trophy steeped in tedium. You need to call 100 numbers from the phonebook to get this one. The easiest way to do this is to take  a picture of six or seven pages from the phonebook using your real cell phone camera (so you don’t have to keep going back and forth). At one point in the story, Ray will have a cell phone in her inventory. Dial the four digit numbers that are highlighted in black (the gray ones won’t work). Once they start playing, you can hit circle to back out and dial another. Do this 100 times, and the trophy is yours.

Fun fact: these voicemail messages are recordings by backers of the game, and some are actually quite funny.

Mean Person – Make everyone cry about their life

By everyone, this trophy is referring to the five playable characters. The first four are easy. Have someone visit the occult shop at the end of A street and pick up the eye drops. Pass these around each character and use them to get each character to cry about some miserable aspect of their existence. You may be wondering about Franklin, who can’t use items. Simply use the Despair action, and he will cry, completing this trophy.

Thimbleweed Park trophy Guide 1

Buried Treasure – Navigate to the buried treasure

In the occult shop at the end of A street, pick up the shrunken head, and then use your map to fast travel to the trailhead. Enter the woods and follow the paths in the direction that the shrunken head is looking in your inventory. It may seem difficult at first, but take it slowly and you will be able to see which trail the head is looking at. Eventually you will reach an “X marks the spot” and a monument with a plaque. Read the plaque to unlock this trophy.

Plantastic – Grow Leonard’s plant to superhuman size

Leonard is the proprietor of the QuickiePal at the end of Main Street. Before visiting him, you will need to have access to the factory. Once you do, fill Delores’ math trophy (found in her room) with the radioactive waste found behind the factory. This sludge will not be there in casual mode, so you must do this in your hard mode playthrough. Take the radioactive waste to the QuickiPal and use it on the plant that is on the counter.

*Beephole* Redux – Get Ransome’s bad ending

During the final sequence of the game, when you take control of Ransome, just continue to tell mean jokes rather than being nice. This will result in Rasome’s bad ending. Don’t worry, whether you get the good or bad ending doesn’t affect any other trophies, or make a difference to the rest of the characters, so it’s best just to go for the bad ending first to make sure you don’t have to replay.

The rest of the trophies in Thimbleweed Park will come from playing through the story, these are the only ones you need to actively go out of your way to get. Did our Thimbleweed Park trophy guide help you get the platinum on this classically styled graphic adventure game? Let us know if you have any other tips, hints, or questions for Thimblewweed Park in the comments below.