Tekken 7 Lands a Strike with Bowling DLC

Bandai Namco has revealed the first batch of Tekken 7 DLC and it’s… Tekken Bowling?  Hope you’re ready to bowl with the best, as this game mode will be unlocked August 31 for Season Pass holders. This first round of DLC also includes some new costumes, including [email protected] outfits and swimsuits.

Here’s the DLC #1 Launch trailer:

If you’re more interested in Tekken 7 the actual fighting game, we have a review for that! Here’s an snippet:

Tekken 7 has been out in arcades since March 18, 2015 in Japan, where they still carry some weight in city life. If there’s one area in which arcades still reign supreme, it’s in load times. Since arcade boards are often flash-based, Tekken 7 loads much more quickly in its arcade form than what we have on consoles. Indeed, you can expect some fairly hefty load changes between fights. In fact, some game modes seem to favor running multiple battles in the same stage, perhaps to cut down on loading in additional assets, decreasing load times in the process.

Tekken has always been known as a technical fighter. Tekken 7 is no different in this regard. With a starting roster of 36 characters, there’s bound to be one to match your playing style. From the quick legwork of Nina to the slow but powerful punches of newcomer Gigas, it’s an interesting mix. Then again, there’s always Kuma and Panda if you feel like controlling something more unconventional.

You can purchase the Tekken 7 Season Pass from the PlayStation Store. The Season Pass costs $24.99.

[Source: Twitter]