Shenmue III Director Yu Suzuki Is Pleased With the Rising Popularity of Japanese Games in the West

Shenmue III director Yu Suzuki has said that he’s pleased to see the recent rise in popularity of Japanese games in Western markets. Speaking to MCV at Gamescom, he said that he hopes that this trend won’t die after a couple of hit games.

It’s good news. I’m really happy that people think that way, and I’m happy to know our game will be welcome. I hope this trend is a reality and not just a couple of games. If the entire Japanese gaming industry is really becoming better, I’m very happy to hear about this.

Suzuki also hopes that the support Shenmue III has garnered will result in SEGA re-releasing Shenmue I and II – something that has been rumored for quite some time now. However, Suzuki reiterates that he’s not able to comment on this.

The Shenmue I and II IP is owned by Sega, so I’m sorry to say I’m not in a position to comment on anything about this, but let’s ask them to make it! That’s what I’d like to say. I will say this to them as well!

Elsewhere in the interview, Suzuki expressed his confidence in Koch Media whose publishing arm, Deep Silver, will be helping to bring digital and physical versions of Shenmue III worldwide.

The game is currently scheduled for release sometime next year for PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: MCV]