planet of the eyes ps4

Sci-Fi Puzzle Platformer, Planet of the Eyes, Coming to PS4 Next Month

Canadian studio Cococucumber has announced that its sci-fi atmospheric puzzle platformer, Planet of the Eyes, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 12.

A finalist for “Best Indie Game” at the Canadian Video game Awards, the title puts players in the role of a lone robot journeying through a mysterious planet, guided by audio logs that have been left behind by a previous survivor.

Planet of the Eyes is great for console gamers as it’s an immersive narrative puzzle platformer with tons of atmosphere,” said Cococucumber co-founder Martin Gauvreau. “Best played in one sitting, we invite players to treat themselves in discovering a captivating world that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.”

The game’s story is written by Will O’Neill of Actual Sunlight.

You can check out a trailer above and a description below:

Explore the mystery of an unknown world

You’ve crash-landed on the Planet of the Eyes in an escape pod. Discover what lies beneath through puzzle solving, exploration, and audiologs from another survivor. Turn down the lights, put on your headphones and grab your controller to experience the atmospheric journey of a lone robot in a dangerous world.


Planet of the Eyes will keep you on the edge and test your platforming skill. With quick respawns upon death and physics-based puzzles to solve, there is a mix of challenges that rewards experimentation.

Handcrafted Levels

Each level is uniquely crafted to present puzzles and progression through the world. With environments that tie in seamlessly with the narrative, you’ll want to explore every corner to discover the secrets that lie beneath.

Retro Sci-fi influenced Aesthetic

The game art features smooth vectors and a rich colour palette, inspired by a retro sci-fi aesthetic; with original artwork by Vanessa Chia of Cococucumber.

Mysterious Story & Atmospheric Score

A dark story by Will O’Neill (Actual Sunlight) will be revealed, with a full in-game vocal narration by Alex Lewis. With an immersive score by critically acclaimed musician John Black of CypherAudio, the atmosphere will haunt you on your journey through the world.

Failure is Fun

With more than twelve uniquely deconstructive robot deaths, every mistake in Planet of the Eyes is worth making at least once. The rest is up to you.

Planet of the Eyes will launch for $9.99, and will be available to purchase with a 20 percent discount during launch week.