Yakuza Kiwami Majima Everywhere Guide: Locations & Strategy

One of the key new features in Yakuza Kiwami is the Majima Everywhere side quest. The Mad Dog of Shimano, Majima Goro takes it upon himself to challenge Kiryu in a sort of antagonistic mentor situation. Throughout the game, you’ll have to be on your toes, because Majima can appear anywhere at any time, and he’s a mighty foe.  Make sure you always carry plenty of health items on you.

Although there is a lot of randomness in his appearance, there are certain locations he’ll appear at during milestones in the sidequest. Below we’ll guide you through the best ways to find and defeat Majima, and give you strategies on how to counter each of his fighting styles.

Majima Everywhere – How to find Majima

Most of the fights you have with Majima fall under the basic Majima Everywhere category. These are the random brawls he challenges you to on the street. Finding him is hard at first, and you have to hope he comes to you. However, once you hit Rank E, you unlock the Majima Sensor which will help a lot.

With the sensor ability, you will hear Majima say “Kiryu-chan” when he is in the vicinity. If he’s walking down the road or in an alley, you can also see an indicator on the map of where he is. If you don’t see an indicator, you need to check any trash cans, or manholes in the immediate area because he can pop out of those. Sometimes I just couldn’t find him even when the sensor went off, and sometimes you’ll just have to leave the area until he resets to somewhere he’s easier to locate.

The different types of Majima you will find around Kamurocho

Thug Majima: This is the base Majima style and the first one you’ll see when you fight him. He uses moves similar to Kiryu’s Brawler Style fighting and isn’t too hard to take down. You’re best off using Brawler against him since you can put up a good guard and counter his moves.

Slugger Majima: You’ll usually find this type of Majima when he’s wearing the police uniform. He’ll attack you using a bat with unlimited durability. You can’t knock the bat out of his hands, so the only thing you can do is counter it. Switching between Brawler for counters, Dash for weaving away from his attacks, and Beast for absorbing damage and pummeling him is a good strategy.

Breaker Majima: This Majima is a lot more fleet on his feet than the previous two, and he attacks similar to Kiryu’s Dash Style. Use Dash to keep up with his speed, or try to stop him in his tracks with Brawler counter attacks.

More Majima types are coming soon.

Rank Up Events

Majima Everywhere Guide

In the menu, if you highlight the Completion List option in the menu, you’ll see the Majima Everywhere gauge. Your objective in this mode is to fight Majima and fill this gauge so that you can proceed to the next rank and unlock further Dragon Style fighting moves.

Yakuza Kiwami doesn’t let you run through this whole mode at once though. There are several points in the game where Majima will stop fighting you until you proceed further through the story. When you’ve gone too far in Majima Everywhere for the chapter you’re in you’ll get a message. If you’re casually taking Majima as he comes, this isn’t too big of an issue because it takes quite a while to hit the limit, but it can be frustrating if you’re dedicating effort just towards completing this side quest.

Rank G

This rank up is your introduction to the Majima Everywhere system. You’ll fight Majima for this automatically in Chapter 2.

Rank F

Make sure you have a weapon on you. You can buy a cheap one at the pawn shop if you need to. For this fight, you’ll have to meet Majima in front of Millennium Tower. He’ll be dressed as Police Majima, and frisk you. When he finds a weapon, he’ll attack using his Slugger Style. Take him down to rank up.

Rank E

For this one, you’ll need to head over to Smile Burger. Across the street, you’ll see a gigantic traffic cone wiggling like something is under it. Examine it, and you’ll fight Majima using his Thug Style moves.

Rank D

When you fill the Rank E gauge, you’ll get a call from Nishida saying that Majima has turned into a zombie. Head to the green marker on the map, and you’ll proceed through a sequence where you fight Zombie Majima in several stages interspersed with running and fighting his henchmen. He uses his Thug Style in combat with you here. Beat him, and you’ll rank up.

Once you fill the Rank C meter, you won’t be able to proceed further in the Majima Everywhere side quest until you reach Chapter 7.

Rank C-SSS info is coming soon.

Suddenly Majima


Sometimes when walking through Kamurocho, Majima will pop out of nowhere to attack you instead of just running up to you on the street. A few of these make it impossible to tell where he’s at until he attacks, but two of them are somewhat choreographed.

1) Majima jumps down on you from above.

2) He stands behind you and suddenly attacks.

3) He jumps in front of you from out of nowhere.

4) Majima pops out of a manhole and attacks.

5) He leaps from a nearby trash bin.

As long as you have the Majima Sensor, you’ll get an audio indicator before you trigger his assault from a manhole or trash can.If you hear the sensor go off and you don’t see him on the map, you can check nearby trash bins and manholes to see if you can get him to appear.

Don’t Forget Majima

Majima Everywhere Guide

There are four encounters you can find around the city that are slightly different from your usual thugs or Yakuza attacks. You’ll know you’ve triggered one because instead of immediately attacking, the hoodlums will talk to you before starting the fight.

After fighting the regular enemies for a short while, Majima will jump into the fight. These are random, so you may have to run about the city for a while before you run into one.

We’ll be adding more encounters and tips for Majima Everywhere as we find and verify them.

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