Zelda Inspired Indie Songbringer Now Available on Xbox One and PC, PS4 on September 5th

September 1, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

Songbringer PS4

Fans have been waiting nearly two years since its initial Kickstarter date, but Songbringer, a game by one-man studio Wizard Fu, is now out for Xbox One and PC. PlayStation 4 owners will have to sadly wait until September 5th. Billed as a love letter to the classic RPGs of old (specifically the Zelda series), Songbringer features real-time combat, powers, item crafting, and more.

Here’s what publisher Double Eleven had to say about the game:

Songbringer is an action RPG, inspired by the original Zelda games, with real time combat, a wide range of weapons and a tonne of hidden secrets. World maps are generated from a 6-letter world seed, which determines the layout of the overworld and dungeons.

Players play as Roq, a space-faring planetary surveyor who wakes up shirtless on a strange planet. With the help of robot companion Jib, it’s Roq’s job to piece together what’s happened and save the universe from the evil, ancient army he’s accidentally awoken…

For those interested in how we felt about Songbringer, Elizabeth Henges was able to review the game and, despite some frustrating moments, the game did not disappoint her:

Songbringer is a worthwhile game to play if you’re a fan of the action-adventure genre. Overall it’s well made, looks nice, and the word seeds make the game fun and offers a sort of replayability most action-adventure games cannot. It’s a bit unfortunate that the wonky combat makes some encounters more frustrating than they need to be, but other than that Songbringer is a well-crafted experience.

Just four more days, PlayStation people.