New Blue Reflection Gameplay Trailer Shows the Power of Ether

Gust’s latest IP Blue Reflection will be coming to the West soon, and Koei Tecmo has a new gameplay video to show off for the RPG. This video goes into Ether and the important roles it plays while the characters are in The Common. Ether powers the girls’ powerful Reflector forms, and can be saved up to do more damage or erect powerful barriers for the party.

Watch the trailer below for some gameplay and the use of Ether in action:

Koei Tecmo has also provided a written explanation of battles and Ether:

When face-to-face with the Demons, the girls have a roster of magical attacks which they are able to utilize to defeat their foes. As they attack, defend, and use supportive abilities in combat, they will drain Ether, the source of their magical abilities. To accumulate this power they must perform an Ether Charge, which not only sees them gather more power – but also the ability to perform stronger attacks on their opponents. Once enough Ether is charged, the Overdrive ability is unlocked, allowing players to use several skills consecutively in exchange for this magical energy. Strategically using Overdrive is key in battle, as Ether is greatly depleted to allow the Reflectors to perform increasingly impactful attacks – leaving them with no choice but to perform an Ether Charge!

The Demons which inhabit The Common are not the only foes Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime will face, as devastating forces loom closer at every moment; the Sephira, gigantic creatures which harbor overwhelming powers and threaten to end the world.

If players accumulate enough Ether in a fight against the Sephira, the Guard ability is upgraded to Reflect. When a Reflector uses this ability they unleash their magical power to create a barrier which even the most overwhelming of creatures cannot penetrate.

Blue Reflection will release September 26 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.