Bullet Girls Phantasia Announced for PS4 and Vita

D3 Publisher has revealed Bullet Girls Phantasia, the newest game in their Bullet Girls series, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita at the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine. For those who are not too familiar with this series, Bullet Girls is D3’s attempt on mixing the Third-Person Shooter genre with Japan’s staple schoolgirl trope. Bullet Girls Phantasia is the third game in the series, and also the first one to have a PS4 release after the first two games, Bullet Girls and Bullet Girls 2, were released exclusively for the Vita.

Ryokutya has provided early details about this game, where our heroines from the Ranger Club of Sakimori Academy will now fight in an alternate world (or Isekai in Japanese, which is another commonly used trope over there). Main heroine characters like Aya Hinomoto (shown left at the scan) and Yurina Kanezono are making a return in this game, where they will meet new characters in the alternate world, such as Silvia Ortensia (shown right at the scan) and Salia Violet.

In the alternate world, characters will get to fight orcs and other kinds of monsters. And unlike the previous games which focused on modern firearms, Bullet Girls Phantasia will also have swords and magic available to use as weapons. This game will have Buddy characters that participate in battles to help the player, in contrast to Supporter characters that only worked behind the scenes in past games. And finally, Phantasia will also see the return of the fan-servicey, series staple Interrogation Training mode.

D3 Publisher’s Bullet Girls Phantasia will be released in Japan sometime around Spring 2018.

[Sources: Famitsu, Ryokutya]