This Destiny 2 Concept Art is a Glimpse into the Minds of the Artists

September 5, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Destiny 2 concept art

Now that the Destiny 2 servers are going live across the globe, fans and new players are eagerly awaiting their turn to jump in and begin playing the next chapter in Bungie’s epic journey. As you wait your turn, I encourage you to take a look through all of this stunning concept art that Bungie released for launch day. The Destiny 2 concept art gives a glimpse at some of the worlds, characters, and set pieces throughout the game.

None of this concept art includes anything from the raid (as far as I know), but I would love to see Bungie release a selection of that artwork sometime after it launches on September 13. While we don’t have an official scored review live yet, an event at Bungie a couple of weeks ago allowed us to get our hands on a significant portion of Destiny 2, enough to write a very wordy review-in-progress that is just awaiting some time with the game in a live environment, and exploration of the gameplay loop that drives Destiny players to log in again and again.

Even as much as the story experience has been improved, and many quality of life changes have been implemented, Destiny is all about the endgame. If you aren’t concerned at all about the endgame content, my recommendation is to get Destiny 2 right now. If your hestitation was on story, whether it changed enough from the first, or any other number of small quality of life things, rest assured that Bungie listened to their players and Destiny is better than it’s ever been.

What do you think of the Destiny 2 concept art? Would you like to see more game developers release the concept art for their games? Tell us what your favorite piece of Destiny 2 concept art is in the comments below while we all await our own servers to go live. If you’re looking for more to read on Destiny 2, Michael Briers wrote an excellent beginner’s guide to Destiny 2 that is also valuable to series veterans.