See How Secret of Mana PS4 Compares to SNES In Comparison Video

September 6, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

secret of mana ps4

After last weeks release of gameplay from the upcoming Secret of Mana PS4 remake, one Youtube user decided to see how the games graphics stack up against the original SNES version.

User Cycle1 went to the task of comparing the original SNES game to the updated remake in a straight up, side-by-side view for fans to look at. You can find the video below:

Despite some fans opinions on it, it seems clear that the remake is doing fairly well in sticking to the original games looks and feel. What’s particularly striking is the tiny details, like the mini-map in the remake resembling the artwork from the original game. It’s tiny touches like those that might be able to win fans over when the game launches.

In case you missed the new key features for the upcoming remake, check them out below:

VOICED CHARACTERS: That’s right, you heard Randi in the trailer and you’ll finally get to hear Randi, Primm, Popoi and many other characters talk and express themselves throughout their adventure!To add to that, the game will have language options which will allow players to experience the game using Japanese voices and/or subtitles.

A NEWLY ARRANGED SOUNDTRACK: We’re excited for you to hear a beautiful, newly arranged soundtrack that pays tribute to the original.

LOCAL MULTIPLAYER: Yes! Sit down with two of your friends (up to three players) to experience the adventure together.

Secret of Mana is due for a worldwide release on February 15, 2018.