Friday the 13th Game Getting Part IV Jason, New Map

It’s been quite the rollercoaster for Friday the 13th: The Game, but developer IllFonic is now teasing new content. They released a new video today on social media that is simply titled “IV – Teaser.” On top of teasing the Jason from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and a new Jarvis House map, it also shows off some new weather effects such as wind and rain. It’s great to see the game improving in all areas as the wonky bugs get flattened out.

Check out the short teaser trailer below:

As mentioned above, Friday the 13th: The Game has come a long way since its rocky launch and has become one of the PS4’s most popular multiplayer games. Even when it released with issues, that promise was still there. That can be seen in our Friday the 13th: The Game review:

Besides the many technical issues that should’ve delayed the game, there’s just not much content in IllFonic’s game. There are only three maps, which means players are looking at the same wooded areas a lot. This this isn’t a huge issue due to how placement of items is always randomized, but it did start to feel repetitive aesthetically. The only real hook to keep players coming back is to unlock new counselors and versions of Jason, which all have slightly different stats and can be customized with perks (or specialized kills in the case of Jason). It ultimately relies on players loving the core gameplay loop, which is awfully hard to do at the moment.

Friday the 13th: The Game shouldn’t have been released in the sad state it currently is in. From glitches that make players invincible to terrible matchmaking that had me waiting over 10 minutes to get into a room, it’s putting it nicely to call the end product a mess. It’s really heartbreaking to see since there are still positives that manage to shine through if one can look past the galling lack of polish. The core gameplay, when it works properly, can be fun when played with friends, and there are some refreshing ideas underneath the jank. Several months from now it may become the multiplayer hit it strives to be, but right now it’s an embarrassing release that can’t be recommended.

Now that several months have passed, Friday the 13th: The Game does look to be finally reaching its full potential.