Open World PS4 Games Like Skyrim: Which Should You Play?

Few games are able to capture players’ imaginations quite like Skyrim. After all, the promise of “if you see it, you can reach it” is an awesome one. While it’s possible to spend hundreds of hours in Bethesda’s action RPG, even the most die-hard fans will be looking for something different after enough time has passed.

To help give you an idea of what to play after you’ve experienced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we’ve come up with a list of open world PS4 games like Skyrim. These titles all have one aspect or more of what makes Bethesda’s title so special!

We hope you enjoyed our look at open world PS4 games like Skyrim. These are only some of the fantasy epics that gaming has to offer, so there were plenty of other games that didn’t quite make our list! We look forward to reading your recommendations in the comments below!

For even more on Skyrim, check out our review. Here’s what reviewer Daniel Bischoff had to say:

Truly, the balance between action and combat and core role-playing game mechanics is Skyrim’s greatest accomplishment. There are no stats to buff, no levels to grind to. Instead, using abilities repeatedly is the only way to build up your stats and unlock new points for the masterfully created perk system.

That’s really the inherent genius of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s as open a world as the Rockstar epics we’ve come to know and love. You can play it like a hack-and-slash first-person combat game or you can lean heavily on the RPG mechanics to spec your character the way you want. There’s something so elegantly streamlined about the way you interact with the characters and the world. It can hardly feel like a Bethesda game at times.

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