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Narrative Heavy PS4 Games Like Heavy Rain That You Should Play

Very few games are quite like Heavy Rain. After all, few studios are willing to take as many risks as Quantic Dream and David Cage. There are several games like them, though, and while these are rarely the longest games (there are some notable exceptions, though), these titles tend to stick with the player long after the credits have rolled.

To help give you an idea of what to play after you’ve experienced Heavy Rain, we’ve come up with a list of narrative heavy games like Heavy Rain. These titles all have one aspect or more of what makes Quantic Dream’s title so special!

We hope you enjoyed our look at narrative heavy games like Heavy Rain. These are only some of the best stories that gaming has to offer, so there were plenty of other games that didn’t quite make our list! We look forward to reading your recommendations in the comments below!

For even more on Heavy Rain, check out our review. Here’s what reviewer Anthony Severino had to say:

The life-like graphics, the forsaken backdrop, the dark music, the mature themes, all set amidst the pouring rain, come together to bring you something that is so much more than just a game. At times you’ll be so engrossed in the story and the characters that you’ll completely forget you are playing a game. Heavy Rain, after all, is dubbed an interactive drama by the game’s writer and director, David Cage, who has elevated video games as an art form to a whole new level. The finishing touch of revealing camera angles, are straight out of a blockbuster Hollywood feature film and make the experience feel that much more real. The characters themselves are believable and as unbelievable as the situations are, you can’t help but wonder “how far you would go to save the one you love”.

As a father I was deeply compelled to identify with Ethan Mars and his quest to save his son. As someone with over 2 decades of gaming under my belt, I am proud to see video games become a higher form of entertainment. Heavy Rain is truly a work of art that demands to be appreciated. Unfortunately like most art, you have to “get it” to really appreciate it. That being said, the game is not for everybody, and there will be plenty of people that just don’t “get it”. But, if you go into Heavy Rain with an open mind and the understanding that this isn’t your average video game, you will reap the reward of playing one of the most memorable video games of this console generation.

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