Latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War Video Showcases Spy Infiltration, Orc Pitfights, and More

September 10, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan

Monolith Productions recently held a livestream to introduce its fans to Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s spy infiltration, spy chiefs, Orc pitfights, and pitched battles. A recap of the livestream, which features plenty of gameplay, is embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

The game releases worldwide on October 10 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’ve missed any of the recent updates then head over to our Shadow of War info hub where you’ll find extensive coverage including our preview from E3 2017 where Chandler Wood notes that Monolith has added more depth to the gameplay, which is always welcome. He wrote:

The real treat is the gameplay. Warner Brothers gave us the opportunity to play a large section of the game at E3, taking on a couple of story missions, roaming the open world, playing around with the new layers of the Nemesis system, and ultimately preparing an army to assault a fortress. The key element that Shadow of War adds is depth, rather than expansion. Sure, this will be a much larger game that Shadow of Mordor, but instead of focusing on adding bullet points and features, it takes familiar systems and intensifies them.

As a reminder, Monolith has designed Shadow of War to be an entry point for newcomers so if you haven’t played the original, you might want to keep your eye out on this one. It also comes with three difficulty modes, which the studio previously explained as follows:

If we have people who do just want to enjoy the story and do it more like they did Shadow of Mordor, where they can become more OP near the end and not think about that, we have Easy mode. On Normal, we have the dynamic difficulty, so it is always going to stay challenging. On Hard mode, it should genuinely be really meaningfully hard.

Just a month to go!