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Get a Small Sneak Peak of Gintama Rumble

Gintama Rumble, also known as Gintama Ranbu, was recently announced for the PlayStation 4, and the Southeast Asia branch of Bandai Namco has a small sneak peak of the game. It’s important to note that since the game is releasing in Southeast Asia, that means it will be in English, so those eager to play it can import Gintama Rumble for the PlayStation 4. Bandai Namco is usually good about releasing most of their games Westward, but this is good news for those who don’t want to wait for a North American or European release.

Here’s the tweet:

We don’t have too much information on Gintama Rumble yet, but you can read up on what we know so far:

Bandai Namco Entertainment has today officially confirmed that Gintama: Project Last Game will now have the final title of Gintama Ranbu. It will be released for PS4 and PS Vita. The teaser site for Gintama: Project Last Game has also been updated with the new title, and it reiterates that Gintama Ranbu will indeed become Gintama‘s last video game.

Gintama Ranbu‘s genre is dubbed Samurai War Action, and based on the screenshot below, where Kagura is shown launching a flashy attack on numerous enemies, we are assuming that this game may have a Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay.

Bandai Namco is expected to reveal more information on Gintama Rumble at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. There is currently no release date set for Gintama Rumble.

[Source: Twitter]