Nights Of Azure 2: Bride Of The New Moon Gets New Details

Koei Tecmo America’s upcoming action game Nights Of Azure 2: Bride Of The New Moon has gotten some new details today, including more information on the combat system and a new Servan type.

According to the company, as main character Aluche and her battle party set off on their journey to defeat the Moon Queen, they will encounter various types of demons. Some of them mean to harm them, while some are interested in joining their party. The “Striker” Servan type are demons that transform into powerful weapons for the player to use in battle.

More information on the game, including some information on post-launch content, can be found below:

Making the most of the eccentric cast of human and demonic companions is incredibly important in securing victory, and players will be able to choose their dream battle party to give them a selection of unique abilities. The beautiful Lilies are able to perform an impressive combination attack with Aluche, Double Chase. When requirements in battle are met this attack can quickly change the tide of the fight, causing overwhelming damage to anyone in its path. Active Skills, used by Aluche, and Special Skills, activated by the Lilies, can also offer a boost to Aluche’s team in the form of increased health, attack or defense.

A selection of post-launch bonuses were also announced today for players who purchase Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon within 3 months from launch. On the Nintendo Switch™ players will receive a free download for the Fatal Frame Yuri Kozukata Outfit, whilst those on the PlayStation®4 will obtain the Deception Timenoid Restrains Costume.

Nights Of Azure 2: Bride Of The New Moon is slated for release on October 24 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.