Upcoming Game Splasher Gets More Details and a Release Date

September 12, 2017Written by Anthony Nash


Today, the upcoming PlayStation 4 game Splasher has been detailed, and it looks like it’s coming to consoles later this month.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, Romain Claude – half of the development team known as Splashteam – described the game as a fast-paced, 2D platformer that puts players in the shoes of “a purple haired dude” who must revolt against the authority of a massive paint factory named INKORP.

Players will be armed with a paint cannon and must infiltrate the company and save their friends. The game boasts 22 levels, and Claude boasts that your gun will continue to unlock gameplay abilities as you traverse the levels. The game also features various projectiles the player can launch out, including after, Stickink, Bouncink, and more.

Check out the release trailer for the game:

More information from Claude via the PlayStation Blog can be found below:

So in Splasher you jump (of course), but most of all YOU FIRE LIQUID PROJECTILES EVERYWHEEEEERE!! Skillfully combining these different abilities is the key.

Water allows you to perform primary actions such as activate mechanisms with small treadmills, damage enemies and also collect “drop coins” by cleaning golden dirt. Note that the drop coins are important to free the Golden Splasher at the end of each level.

Stickink makes you stick to surfaces so you can move along walls and ceilings. You can also use Stickink to trap an enemy in a glue ball, preventing it from moving or killing you.

Bouncink makes you bounce very high from any paintable surface, could it be the floor, a wall, or the ceiling. You can also fire Bouncink at enemies to push them into traps.

Splasher is slated for release on September 26 for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]