PlayLink Title Frantics Gets a Release Date For Next Year

Frantics, the multiplayer PlayLink game wherein you just might backstab your friends, is getting a release date. It was revealed on the PlayStation.Blog that Frantics will release next year, on March 13. Frantics has players using their phones as an interactive controller, which offers enough privacy to get special hidden missions from the host in order to edge ahead of the competition.

Here is a bit more information on Frantics from the PlayStation.Blog:

Developed by NapNok Games, this is manic mini-game madness! Up to four players can join in on each challenge — bumping, bluffing, and backstabbing in quick succession. Explore a full range using your phone/tablet as an intuitive controller — shake, tilt, swipe, use the camera, and don’t be too surprised if the host — the wise-cracking Fox — calls you to offer bonus secret missions. Take your animal and go head-to-head with your friends for complete barnyard domination!

Frantics is part of PlayLink Initiative, which includes other games such at Hidden Agenda and That’s You!. We have a review of the latter game if you want to learn more about PlayLink:

One of the most surprising reveals at E3 2017 was Sony’s announcement that they were embracing the trend of playing console games with smartphones, as they’re launching an entire line of games under the PlayLink banner. This comes after Jackbox Games managed to turn their games (You Don’t Know JackFibbage, etc.) into social hits, and other developers (such as Ubisoft allowing players to play Just Dance with their phones) have latched onto the technology. The first title in the PlayLink line, called That’s You!, comes from Wish Studios, and has been marketed as a “social quiz.”

Frantics will release March 13 2018 on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]