Hulu PS4 App Gets a Redesigned User Interface

September 14, 2017Written by Tyler Treese

Hulu PS4 app

Hulu has updated their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 apps in a major way, but you’ll have to be a subscriber to check out the new features. Announced as a “more personalized Hulu experience,” users can now easily keep track of what they’ve watched, and create personal profiles on the app itself rather than the website. In order to use the new user interface, users have to be subscribed to “Hulu’s Limited Commercials or No Commercials on-demand plans.”

Here’s how Hulu describes the new interface:

From creating a personal profile to picking favorite TV shows, networks and movies, the new Hulu experience makes it easier for viewers to watch what they love. The more a viewer watches, the more tailored the service gets. You can find what you want to watch using:

  • Home for the most timely and relevant content, specific to you based on your viewing history and preferences
  • My Stuff for the things you’ve selected to keep track of and will remember what you’ve already watched, what you have left to finish and let you know what’s expiring soon. When you first start using the new Hulu experience, we’ll offer to import your profile’s Watchlist into My Stuff.
  • Browse for exploring the entire Hulu library
  • Search for finding a specific title

Personally, this is great news for myself. I’ll be able to make sure that Hulu knows that I like The O.C. (enough to do a podcast about it), and will watch anything with the very hunky Chris Carmack in it.

[Soure: Hulu via PC Mag]