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New Undertale Vinyls From iam8bit Will Fill You With Determination

iam8bit has announced not one, but two new vinyl sets for Undertale. The two sets, named Undertale: Determination and Undertale: Japan Edition each have their own goodies and style choices that will make it hard to pick from the two. Then again, you could just get both!

First up, let’s look at Determination:

undertale vinyl determination

Determination has three LPs, and a cover set to have the color of the foremost cover peek through as Sans’ pupils (seen above). This is a metal and electronica inspired remix of the soundtrack–those that want the original English OST as a vinyl can get the Vinyl Soundtrack.

It costs $60 USD and includes:

  • Music by RichaadEB & Ace Waters

  • Feat. FamilyJules7x, Eruption, Jackson Parodi, Kyle Von Lanken, RocktheJake, Ryan Lafford, Soundole VGM, Steven Morris, TeraCMusic, The8bitDrummer, ToxicEternity, Tsuko G, ThunderScott

  • Album Art by Drew Wise

  • Includes Digital Soundtrack

There’s also the Japan Edition:

undertale vinyl japan

The Japan Edition is, unsurprisingly for Japanese audiences. It has two LPs and if you preorder before 7:59 PDT on September 22, you receive a free mini ‘Annoying Dog Shrine’ LP, which include tracks that are exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game.

This version costs $40 USD and includes:

  • Music by Toby Fox

  • Album Art by Drew Wise

  • Bonus “Word Search” Insert

  • Includes Digital Soundtrack

Now that you’ve seen what these new sets have to offer, here are the pre-order links:

iam8bit US (Determination | Japan Edition)

iam8bit UK (Determination | Japan Edition)

Pre-orders do not appear to be live yet for iam8bit JP.

Will you be picking up one (or both) of these vinyl sets?