Xbox Head Phil Spencer Comments on Fortnite’s Accidental Cross-Play

Earlier today PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners got to live in a perfect world of harmony, as they were able to play together in Epic Games’ multiplayer shooter Fortnite. This moment of bliss was short lived, though, as it was taken down to adhere to Sony’s cross play policy, which doesn’t allow developers to enable PS4 and Xbox One owners to play together. Epic Games said that the cross play was unintentional, and told Polygon that it was a “configuration issue” on their end that has now been “corrected.”

A fan on Twitter asked Xbox head Phil Spencer about the incident, and asked what he thought of the mix-up. Phil wound up echoing the statement of many Fortnite players. “I would have liked to see them leave it on,” responded Spencer.

Here’s the tweet of what Phil Spencer said about Fortnite cross play:

Sadly, that wasn’t meant to be, and we’re no closer to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 cross-play despite it obviously being possible.

For more on Fortnite, check out our early access impressions. Here’s what I had to say about the future free-to-play title:

While there are a few rough edges that make it clear why Fortnite isn’t officially releasing until next year, I’ve had a really great time with the inventive shooter so far. I’m rarely someone that gets into a loot grind, but Epic does such a great job at constantly broadening the game experience that I’m always excited to unlock something new in-between missions. I’m not sure that I can fully recommend dropping nearly $40 just to play the game early (and get a bevy of bonus unlocks), but it won’t be a wasted purchase as long as enough friends are down to play it together.

Fortnite will release as a free-to-play title in 2018, and players can currently purchase the Founder’s Pack to play it now.