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Fortnite Update

Fortnite’s Battle Bus Is Traveling 25% Faster

Gotta go fast?

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 6.10 Cranks Up the Competition with the New Events Tab

All the fun of ranked without the pressure of maintenance.

Fortnite In Game Tournaments are Starting This Week

Fortnite In-Game Tournaments are Starting This Week

It’s time to put all that trash talk to the test.

epic games lawsuit

Epic Games Sues Popular YouTuber for Selling Cheats

Don’t mess with Epic Games.

fortnite quad crusher

Beware, The Quadcrusher Is Coming to Fortnite

Builders beware!

Fortnite account security

Epic Games Provides Epic Tips for Protecting Your Epic Account

Don’t make rookie mistakes with your account.

fortnite skull trooper

Fortnite Resurrects a Fan-Favorite Skin

Guess who’s baaaaaack?

fortnite patch notes

The Newest Fortnite Update Brings Rocket Launchers, Dancing, and More

This game keeps getting weirder and weirder.

fortnite physical release

A Chill Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle Is Heading to Stores

Winter is coming (to Fortnite).

fortnite quad launcher

A Powerful New Rocket Launcher Is Coming to Fortnite

Here come the rockets.

fortnite halloween items

Extra-Spooky Fortnite Halloween Customization Items Leak

You’ll for sure have a graveyard smash with these.

fortnite patch notes

New Fortnite Update Introduces the Chiller

The Chiller looks pretty cool.

Fortnite Update

Dance Your Way to Victory in the Fortnite Disco Domination LTM

Own the dance floor.

Fortnite Update

Freeze Traps May Make Their Way to Fortnite Battle Royale

Freeze! As in slow down a bit.

fortnite funko pops

These Fortnite Funko Pops Don’t Seem to Include a Llama

Seriously, where’s the llama?

fortnite console accounts

Epic Outlines Steps to Link Multiple Fortnite Console Accounts to a Single Epic Account

Reminder: account merge feature coming soon.

ps4 cross play

Sony Explains Why Enabling PS4 Cross-Play Took This Long, Says It’s Unlike ‘Flipping a Switch’

Sony had to look at things from technical and business viewpoints.

fortnite shadow stones

Epic Games Disables Fortnite Shadow Stones One Day After Introducing Them

No Shadow Form for you.

fortnite account merging

You Will Be Able to Merge Fortnite Accounts in November

More cross-play good news!