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Fortnite Carlton Dance

Fortnite Dodges Legal Drama; Carlton Dance Can’t Be Copyrighted

Arm swinging outrage.

Fortnite Season 8

Find Out How to Get Fortnite Season 8 Battlepass for Free

Maybe this move is to ensure that Fortnite stays relevant.

epic account merge

Epic Account Merging Is Finally Live in Fortnite

Now this is a merger we can get behind.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 7.30 Adds a New LTM Rotation Schedule and Fiery Items

Things are getting heated.

fortnite twitch

Twitch Users Watched 9.36 Billion Hours of Content in 2018, Fortnite Experiences Drop in Viewership

Check out the biggest winners of 2018.

fortnite fire king

Season 8 of Fortnite Begins Heating Up After the Fire King Breaks Free

Things are certainly burning up!

fortnite marshmello

A Major EDM Star Will Be Performing in Fortnite

It’s a Marshmello world in Fortnite.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 7.30 Adds Legendary Weapons Only LTM and Super Bowl Skins

What’s cooler than being cool?

fortnite loot llama

Epic Games Ditching Blind Loot Boxes in Fortnite: Save the World

Love is blind, but loot boxes aren’t.

fortnite dance lawsuit

Another Celebrity Sues Epic Games Over Fortnite Emotes

Everyone wants in on the action.

Fortnite Week 8 challenges

Fortnite’s Week 8 Challenges Are Live, and a Massive XP Bonus Is Up for Grabs

If you can knock out any four of these bad boys, you’re getting a huge XP reward.

Fortnite snowman

Fortnite Is Adding a Chilly New Snowman Disguise Soon

For campers who just want to chill.

Fortnite hackers

Epic Patches Fortnight Bug That Allowed Hackers to Capture User’s Accounts

We hope Fortnite’s users are kept safe after this patch.

Netflix and Fortnite

Netflix Sees Fortnite and YouTube as Some of Its Biggest Competitors

Fortnite and Chill.

fortnite creator

Fortnite Creator Donates Millions to Protect National Parks and Forests

A noble cause, indeed.

Fortnite Update

Fortnite Update 7.20 Adds High Risk and High Reward One Shot LTM

Hit me with your best shot; fire away!

fortnite glider redeploy

Fortnite is Bringing Back a Revamped Glider Redeploy as an In-Game Item

Do you believe you can fly?

Fortnite orange shirt kid lawsuit

‘Orange Shirt Kid’ Mom Is Suing Epic for Including His Dance in Fortnite

This is like suing Facebook for using the profile picture you uploaded.

fortnite scoped revolver

Fortnite Is Adding a Gorgeous Scoped Revolver Soon

Years of practice pistol-sniping friends in Halo are about to pay off.