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New Fortnite Update Forces Drop to 30 FPS To Save Energy

One of the “Miscellaneous Updates” implemented by the new Fortnite 24.10 update is a frame rate cap. This new cap causes Fortnite on PS5, PS4, and Xbox consoles to drop down to 30 FPS in specific instances to help reduce energy usage.

Fortnite 30 FPS limit added to the lobby on PS5 and PS4

The Fortnite 30 FPS limit comes into effect when players are in the game’s lobby. After “a period of inactivity,” the game’s frame rate will drop to 30 FPS.

60 FPS will be re-enabled when players touch their controller or they join a match. This should mean that players never really notice the drop in performance, as it should only happen when the game isn’t being interacted with.

For those watching the animations in the background of the lobby screen, the change from 60 FPS to 30 FPS may be perceptible. Though it could be a little distracting, the potential energy savings are likely to be worth it.

When it’s not limiting the frame rate in lobbies, Fortnite is looking better than ever thanks to a major visual overhaul powered by Unreal Engine 5. Those graphics will look a real treat on this Sony 75″ 4K TV that is currently on sale for under $900.