Free I Expect You To Die DLC Announced, Coming Next Month

A brand new, free update to the VR hit I Expect You To Die has been announced and is coming next month on October 24 called First Class.

In the update, players will be teleported to a first class train cabin on an all-expenses paid vacation across India. According to Shawn Patton at Schell Games, the studio behind the game understood that while the response to I Expect You To Die was very positive, they understand that “the game’s biggest weakness” was its short number of levels.

The game only launched with four levels, and with the game being out for some time, the developers are ready to get to work on more levels. While Patton said they couldn’t share too much about the level without spoiling it, he did share a brief overview of it:

Just know that there’s nothing more relaxing than the click-clack of a train as it rolls lazily through the majestic mountains of Northern India. Enjoy a soothing beverage or a local delicacy as you read the morning paper. We believe trains are the best place to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

I Expect You To Die will launch its free update, First Class, on October 24 for the PlayStation 4.