Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Crowded HUD Has Been Minimized

As I watched the new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT trailer from Tokyo Game Show, I couldn’t help but feel that there was something different about it. It wasn’t just that Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis was now part of it. There was something else. My tired brain dismissed it (it was past 2 AM for me when that live stream ended) and I went to sleep. Pointed out by Push Square today, I finally realized why the trailer looked so different: the insanely crowded Dissidia Final Fantasy NT HUD (heads up display) has had its obnoxious design scaled back pretty significantly from the mess that was present in the beta.

Check out the difference in these two screenshots.

dissidia Final Fantasy NT hud

This is the HUD from the beta, crowding out the game screen.

dissidia Final Fantasy NT hud reduced

The TGS trailer shows a reduced HUD that is much more transparent.

With the effects going on during gameplay, the original HUD tended to get crowded and made the available screen real estate a fraction of the full screen size. The redesign featured in the new trailer makes many of the elements a lot smaller, eschewing many of the fancy little flourishes for a design that more simply displays the information. There’s still a lot going on, but it’s a step in the right direction.

A number of characters have been added to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster, pitting the stars of Final Fantasy against one another in epic three on three battles. The latest is Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis, who joins the likes of Jecht, Ultimecia, and other heroes and villains from across Final Fantasy’s broad history.

Are there any other changes you’d like to see come to the Dissidia Final Fantasy  NT HUD, or is the cleaner design finally enough to comfortably play the game without distractions crowding out the gameplay?

[Source: Push Square]