New Ruiner Trailer Introduces New Bounty Targets

ruiner trailer

With the launch of the cyberpunk shooter Ruiner just a few days away, Devolver Digital and Reikon Games have shared a brand new trailer for the game that goes over some of Boss Bounties that take place within the world of Ruiner.

While on the search for your kidnapped brother, you will come across various targets that you can collect bounties on. The battles promise to be very difficult, as you’ll not only have to take the boss down, but also their henchmen and machines. You can view the full trailer below:

For more details on the bosses, make sure to check out the information below:

Heavy Cyborg

Still in production. One of NagaShiwa Corps’ first and most successful designs. Different models are fashioned after different animals, armed with all kinds of killing tools, from adamantium claws to grenades; the mythical Minotaur being the favorite. Slow and crude but strong as hell, heavy cyborgs can rip you a new one.


Like most of the brainwashed Triad troops, not much is known about his origin. He goes by many aliases, but is listed as Shadow on INTERPOL’s latest terrorist watch list. No one younger has been accused of committing more murders. Currently, he is wanted for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Captain Bogdan

War criminal wanted for civilian mass executions during the 2054 Balkan Uprising. His augments are antiques, but still frighteningly effective. Also wanted for armed robbery, aggravated assault, and extortion.


An enormous, sentient machine, Mother powers Heaven’s sprawling security network. She can assume control of almost any device or machine in any environment she’s connected to. She’s developed a particularly ruthless, even sadistic personality that makes her frighteningly effective. She likes subjecting her adversaries to sick games before their final execution. Her power is absolute.

Ruiner releases on September 26 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.