Special Reserve Games Teases a Ruiner Retail Release on PS4

In a short, but revealing tweet, Special Reserve Games has revealed that cyberpunk action shooter Ruiner is set to get a retail release on PlayStation 4.

The video game division, which is part of publisher Devolver Digital, posted this curious message on April 12:

Although no release date has yet been confirmed, fans of the genre will surely get a kick out of this one.

Meanwhile, here’s the Ruiner launch trailer for those unfamiliar with this fantastic gem:

Ruiner provides a breath of fresh air among indie games thanks to its highly stylish and past-paced gameplay. Set in the year 2091, an unstable individual fights against a corrupt system to uncover a deadly truth within the city of Rengkok.

The character, simply known as Puppy, is also in search of his kidnapped brother with the help of a rogue hacker by the name of Wizard. The two form a perfect combination through deadly fighting abilities and highly technological gadgets.

Some of the game’s main attractions include:

  • A story-driven action means you’re not simply fighting a senseless battle to the end. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world as you learn more about your surroundings and those who assist you throughout the game
  • Sophisticated and brutal combat: It’s up to you to determine the best plan of attack by analyzing your opponents and surroundings
  • Slow down time itself to better determine your enemies’ weak spots, or simply blast through the crowds with devastating force
  • Use a wide selection of high-tech weapons for long-range and melee attacks
  • Leverage specialized gadgets including energy shields, along with tools to hack various systems and even certain opponents
  • Addictive soundtrack produced by the likes of Antigone & Francois X, DJ Alina, and other music professionals

Ruiner is currently available as a digital-only release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We’ll be sure to publish more information on the game’s retail version as it becomes available.

[Via: Special Reserve Games – Twitter]