Learn About Battle Chasers: Nightwar’s Troubled Mage, Knolan

Airship Syndicate is getting ready to launch their turn-based role-playing game, so they’re getting players ready by introducing the cast of characters. The first member of Battle Chasers: Nightwar to get the treatment before the game releases on October 3, 2017 is an old mage named Knolan.

Check out the Battle Chasers Knolan trailer below:

Here’s how THQ Nordic describes the character:

Knolan is a wizened old mage troubled by the rapid decline of mana – the source of all magic power in the world. In Battle Chasers: Nightwar, he is not only a powerful damage dealer, but also a strong healer capable of reviving a fallen team mate. With his huge spell book and a short temper, Knolan is far more dangerous than he may first appear.

For more on the upcoming role-playing game, check out our Battle Chasers: Nightwar preview. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about the turn-based RPG:

Beyond the highly polished combat system, Battle Chasers is also adding some unique ideas to its dungeons. The main story dungeons will all feature certain randomized elements, such as areas where the player can fish (who doesn’t love fishing mini-games?). One of the coolest randomized parts I found was a chest that I could put an existing piece of gear in. After I put it in, the chest teleported to somewhere else within the dungeon, and if I found it again I would get an upgraded piece of gear. This adds a risk-reward mechanic to exploring dungeons, as it isn’t a guarantee that the player will be able to find their loot again. There are also crafting and bartering systems in place, although I didn’t really get to see much of these in action. Either way, it’s cool to see some new ideas incorporated into what is otherwise a very old-school feeling game.

I walked away really impressed with Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Airship Syndicate has created a fundamentally solid role-playing game that implements some fresh ideas while sticking to the genre’s tried and true roots. Learning that it won’t be a lengthy affair filled with fluff (It’ll run around 15-20 hours) further cemented my interest, and it’s nice to see that a turn-based RPG that really respects the player’s time is coming later this year.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar releases October 3, 2017.