Danganronpa V3 Guide – Walkthroughs for Every Class Trial

Danganronpa V3 Class Trial Guide

Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 1 Guide

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Rantaro Was Masterminding”

Truth Bullet “Rantaro’s Belongings”

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Agree Point “Never went to the library”

Truth Bullet “Korekiyo’s Account”

Question: Why is it not possible for Tsumugi to disguise herself?

Answer: Cospox

Mass Panic Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Rantaro’s”

Truth Bullet – “Maki’s Account”

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “With that sliding door”

Truth Bullet – “Sliding Door”

Spot Selection

Select the Projector Screen

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “No Obstacles”

Truth Bullet – “Moving Bookcase”

Question: What proves the bookcase was in the way?

Answer: Moving Door Photos

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Hidden Door

Truth Bullet – “Card Reader Dust”

Rebuttal Showdown

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Rejoin Everyone”

Truth Blade – “Front Entrance Photos”

Question: Why could nobody have come through the vent?

Answer: Stacked Books

Question: Why couldn’t Shuichi have killed Rantaro?

Answer: The security alarm

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “The moving bookcase”

Truth Bullet – “Secret Door Camera”

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Shuichi had the receiver”

Lie Bullet (Hold Triangle) – “Receiver on Shuichi”

Debate Scrum

Keyword order






Question: Why did Rantaro notice the camera?

Answer: The camera flash

Question: Why was the flash used?

Answer: To lure whoever moved the bookcase

Choose Culprit: Kaede Akamatsu

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Point – Argue Point “We know that it was in the library”

Truth Bullet – “Lookout Classroom”

Hangman’s Gambit

Question: How was the shot put ball rolled from the first floor?

Word: VENT

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Point – Agree Point “Rolling on its own”

Truth Bullet – “Stacked Books”

Question: Who has a detailed floor plan of the library?

Answer: Miu Iruma

Question: When did Kaede roll the shot?

Answer: When Kaede was leaving the classroom

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Point – Argue Point “The library should have been quiet”

Truth Bullet – “Promotional video BGM”

Question: Where did Kaede hide the shot put ball?

Answer: Backpack

Argument Armament

Final argument word order: Kill The Master Mind

Closing Argument

Gap: Who wanted to fight against Monokuma after hearing the additional motive?

Panel: Kaito, Gonta, and Tenko

Gap: Who was asked to modify the cameras?

Panel: Bow to Miu Iruma

Gap: What was the murder weapon found in the warehouse?

Panel: Several shot put balls in the wooden box

Gap: What did the culprit do with the library’s vent?

Panel: Prop the vent grate up

Gap: What books did the culprit set up last?

Panel: Open the encyclopedia

Gap: What did the culprit do with the modified camera?

Panel: Turn on the flash function

Gap: What happened in the classroom one hour before the time limit?

Panel: Security sensor receiver goes off

Gap: Where was the shot put ball rolled?

Panel: Classroom vent

Gap: Whose picture was taken with the camera that flashed?

Panel: Rantaro notices the flash

Gap: Why wasn’t the sound of the shot rolling audible?

Panel: Killing game promotional video plays at loud volume

Gap: After the receiver went off, what did Shuichi see in the library?

Panel: Bookcase returns to its original position

Voting Time

Choose Kaede Akamatsu