Danganronpa V3 Guide – Walkthroughs for Every Class Trial

Danganronpa V3 Guide 3

Danganronpa V3 Class Trial 5 Guide

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “No Evidence”

Truth Bullet – “Kokichi’s Clothes”

Question: There’s something peculiar about the clothes…

Answer: The sleeve of the jacket

Rebuttal Showdown

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Never put his arms through his coat sleeves”

Truth Blade – “Kaito’s Coat”

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Kaito got crushed to death”

Truth Bullet – “Safety Function”

Question: What clue suggests the death was not by crushing of the hydraulic press?

Answer: Swipe Pattern Bloodstain

Spot Selection

Question: What piece of evidence suggests a different cause of death?

Select the sleeve

Question: What weapon left the small hole in Kaito’s sleeve?

Answer: Crossbow

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “From inside the hangar”

Truth Bullet – “Bathroom Window”

Mass Panic Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Empty Handed”

Truth Bullet – “K1-B0’s Account”

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Didn’t even use the crossbow”

Truth Bullet – “Crossbow”

Question: Who asked Himiko to bring the crossbow?

Answer: Kaito Momota

Question: What evidence shows that Kaito shot Kokichi with the crossbow?

Answer: Kokichi’s Clothes

Question: The victim of this case is…

Answer: Kaito Momota

Debate Scrum

Keyword Order




-Arrow Holes



Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Only one arrow”

Truth Bullet – “Three Arrows”

Psyche Taxi

Question: How many arrows did Himiko give Kaito?

Answer: 1

Question: Were all the arrows inside the hangar from the start?

Answer: No

Question: Who brought the two arrows?

Answer: A Third Party

Hangman’s Gambit

Question: What method did the third party use to enter the hangar?

Answer: EXISAL

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “All the hammers recharging”

Truth Bullet – “Used Electrohammer”

Question: Who disabled the Exisal with the hammer and broke into the hangar?

Select Maki Harukawa

Rebuttal Showdown

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Wouldn’t result in a fatal injury”

Truth Blade – “Poison”

Question: The sacrifice that Maki is talking about?

Answer: All of us

Question: The part of Maki’s testimony that doesn’t add up…

Answer: The control panel being damaged

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “100% Certainty”

Truth Bullet – “Electrobomb”

Question: Why did Kokichi use an electrobomb?

Answer: Disable the press’ safety function

Question: What piece of evidence is called into question if the safety function was turned off?

Answer: Kaito’s cause of death

Question: Other than poison, what is the other potential cause of death?

Answer: Hydraulic Press

Question: Is it possible to tell what killed Kaito?

Answer: It is not possible

Voting Time

Select Anyone (It doesn’t seem to matter. I picked Kokichi Oma)

Question: The Exisals around Monokuma were…

Answer: Watching Monokuma

Question: If Monokuma doesn’t know who the culprit is, what evidence needs to be examined again?

Answer: Murder Video

Hangman’s Gambit

Question: What can’t be identified even after watching the dead body footage?

Answer: Victim

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Agree Point “Hydraulic Press Stopped”

Truth Bullet -”Hydraulic Press”

Mind Mine

Question: Why did the hydraulic press come to a stop?

Select the Three Button Control Panel (Force Stop Button)

Mind Mine

Question: To switch bodies, what else was stopped with the hydraulic press?

Select the Camera

Spot Selection

Question: Where was the camera set up?

Select the yellow raised control platform to the right of the hydraulic press

Question: Who switched places in the hydraulic press?

Answer: The other person in the hangar

Hangman’s Gambit

Question: How were the two bodies swapped if they were only two people in the hangar?


Question: Who is in the Exisal?

Select Kaito Momota

Argument Armament


Closing Arguments

Gap: After receiving the item from Himiko, the culprit…

Panel: Assembled the Crossbow

Gap: What did Maki hit with the electrohammer?

Panel: Hit the Exisal

Gap: Where did the culprit shoot Kokichi?

Panel: Kokichi’s Right Arm

Gap: What opened the shutter and got inside the hangar?

Panel: An Exisal Inside the Hangar

Gap: Who was hit by the first arrow Maki fired?

Panel: Kokichi’s Back

Gap: Who was hit by the second arrow Maki fired?

Panel: The Culprit’s Left Arm

Gap: What did Kokichi take from the culprit?

Panel: The only antidote

Gap: After Maki left, what weapon did Kokichi take out?

Panel: Electrobomb!!!

Gap: Who actually drank the antidote?

Panel: Drink the Antidote…

Gap: What evidence did the culprit leave in the bathroom?

Panel: Three Arrows

Gap: Why was Kokichi dragged along the ground?

Panel: Trail of Blood

Gap: Who was put in the hydraulic press first?

Panel: The Culprit in the Press

Gap: Who was put in the hydraulic press last?

Panel: Kokichi in the Press

Gap: What evidence did the culprit flush down the toilet?

Panel: Kokichi’s Clothes Flushed Down the Toilet

Non-Stop Debate

Weak Spot – Argue Point “Kokichi’s the one who died”

Lie Bullet – “Kokichi’s Disappearance”

Voting Time

Vote for Kaito Momota