Friday the 13th Virtual Cabin 2.0 Revealed

Gun Media has announced that they’re making the Virtual Cabin bigger and better than ever before for Friday the 13th. The original Virtual Cabin was only available to Kickstarter backers of the PC version, but 2.0 will be available to everyone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here is the trailer for Virtual Cabin 2.0:

Make sure to read our review while you’re waiting for this update:

Before I could find any of the other players, I had my first encounter with Jason. I had feared this would happen as music started playing (which I later learned meant he was nearby), and then the screen flickered for a brief moment. Out of nowhere the terrifying figure appeared in front of me. He grabbed my character by the throat, and managed to squeeze the life out of me despite my best attempt at mashing the cross button in order to break free. It was a sudden, shockingly violent moment.

It’s these moments where Friday the 13th: The Game really shines. Jason Voorhees is a nightmarish figure that is extremely powerful. He’s so overpowered that merely the sight of him is enough to scare any person playing the game, as death is potentially only moments away. Some will probably dislike that the game feels unbalanced, but I loved that Jason truly felt like a monster. To escape from Jason, players will have to work together, as the best an individual can do is stagger the psychopath for a few seconds.

Friday the 13th is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Twitter]