Sonic Mania Update 1.03 Brings Subtle Changes to the Game

Sonic Mania received an update today, bringing the game up to version 1.03 and bringing with it a tiny amount of changes.

The biggest change most players will likely notice is that Super Sonic will now occur at the player’s choice, instead of triggering automatically. While it may seem like a small change, fans will no doubt be happy with that, and should enjoy the smaller tweaks brought to the game, the rest of which you can see below:


  • Fixed ‘Soft Lock’ issue in No Save mode
    • occurred if beating Titanic Monarch Zone 2 with all Chaos Emeralds
  • Fixed some other bugs

If you haven’t gotten around to checking the game out yet, make sure to check out our review for Sonic Mania:

Overall, though, Sonic Mania succeeds a lot more than it stumbles. One other successful, notable area I didn’t mention earlier that has to be noted is the soundtrack – like the aforementioned stage visuals and designs, these toe-tapping tracks fit right alongside the most legendary that the franchise has to offer without ever sounding out of place. And as mentioned, both new material and refined and tweaked versions of old stages are an absolute blast to play – even though I admit I wanted a lot more of the new stuff, and could have done without playing another “revamped” version Green Hill for the fiftieth time in my gaming career. What this package represents, to me at least, is an opportunity for folks new to the series to discover the Blue Blur at his best, and for old fans to revisit a classic style of gameplay that hasn’t been properly done in years. Sonic Mania is a real treat.

Sonic Mania is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.