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Evening Star Studio

Sonic Mania Developers Have Found(ed) Their Evening Star

Gotta go.

sonic mania adventures music

A Set of New Sonic Mania Adventures Music Remixes are Rolling Out to Promote Team Sonic Racing

No seriously, that dude can shred for days.

new darkwing duck game

Sonic Mania Developer Headcannon Pitched Capcom a new Darkwing Duck Game

Not surprising this didn’t work out, but tragic all the same.

The Sonic Mania Adventures Holiday Special Will Give You Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

You’ll never look at metallic hedgehogs the same way again.

Incredibly Well-Hidden Sonic Mania Cheat Codes Discovered In-Game

Gotta go cheat.

New Sonic Mania Plus Characters Won’t Appear in Modern Sonic Games

I guess we’ll wait for Sonic Mania 2…

Sonic Mania Plus review

Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4)

Gotta go faster!

Sega Video Games

Sega Games Still a Hit after Company Sees 30% Profit in Previous Year

The company’s physical sales dominated digital merchandise to record a 1.2% increase in net sales.

Sonic Mania Plus Famitsu interview

Takashi Iizuka Explains the Additions of Mighty and Ray in the Sonic Mania Plus Interview With Famitsu

The additions of Mighty and Ray are explained here.

sonic mania sales

Sonic Mania Sales Surpass One Million Units Worldwide

Could Sonic Mania Plus sell as well?

sonic mania plus leaks

Did Sonic Mania Accidentally Update Showing Plus Leaks?!

Marketing ploy? Who knows? We’d feel blue if it was though.

Sonic Mania Plus Announced, Retail Release Adds Characters

Sonic Mania Plus Announced, Physical Release Adds New Characters

It’s out later this year!

Sonic Team Talks Sonic Mania

Sonic Team Designer Shun Nakamura Talks Sonic Mania and the Future of 3D Sonic

Sonic Mania will impact future 3D Sonic games.

sonic mania sales

Sonic Mania Helps Double Sega’s Physical Game Sales

Sega’s happy with the reviews.

Sonic Mania review

Sonic Mania Update 1.03 Brings Subtle Changes to the Game

Super Sonic button!

Sonic Mania Highest Rated Sonic Game

Sonic Mania Is the Highest-Rated New Sonic Game in 15 Years, Official Twitter Account Says

Only Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2 are higher-rated.

Sonic Mania Trophies

Sonic Mania Trophies List & Launch Trailer Revealed

No Golds or Platinums included.

Sonic Mania review

Sonic Mania Review – What’s Old is New Again…Kinda (PS4)

By the fans, for the fans.

PS4 New Releases: August 15

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: August 15, 2017 – Sonic Mayhem

Sonic Mania! Agents of Mayhem! Undertale! Matterfall!

sonic mania intro

Sonic Mania Opening Animation Released Ahead of Launch

Coming this Tuesday!