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soulcalibur 6 adds maxi

Maxi Brings Back the Shissen Karihadi Style on SoulCalibur VI

By SoulCalibur V, Maxi is at 45 years of age. How freakin’ old is he now?!

fear the wolves screenshots

Fear the Wolves First Set of Screenshots Unveils the Chernobyl Battle Royale

The question is, who are the wolves that need to be feared?

aragami shadow edition release date

Beware as Night Falls as Aragami: Shadow Edition Announces Its Release Date

More shadow assassin demon ghost warrior ninja action!

insane robots launch trailer

Insane Robots Lets Loose Crazy Card Battling Mechanics on the PlayStation 4

Hacking, Glitches, Card Battles. Just a normal day for an insane robot.

sonic racing leak

Wal-Mart Leaks Details About the New Sonic Racing Game

Wal-mart does it again!

fortnite save the world patch v4.3

Fortnite Save the World Patch v4.3 will be Bringing In Part Two of the Blockbuster Event

Hope this patch invites more players, and saves their world.

Fortnite Battle Royale v4.3 Patch Notes Indicate the Arrival of the Shopping Cart!

I wonder if the shopping cart will be a game changer? Nah, probably not.

grimshade kickstarter campaign

Grimshade Kickstarter Campaign Details a Fantasy RPG with Profound Decision Making Features

Looks promising. Especially that Panda/Badger hybrid guy.

fortnite patch v43 update

Next Fortnite Patch Update v4.3 Will be Happening in a Few Hours

Fortnite news for today!

fortnite battle pass challenge update

Fortnite News: Weird Notice Says Battle Pass Challenges will Go Live on a Later Date

More Fortnite News!

fortnite adds shopping cart

Fortnite Battle Royale: Shopping Carts, Patch Update 4.3, Battle Pass Challenge Update

This brings back flashes of the intro for Jackass The Movie.

fortnite save the world free codes

Fortnite Save the World Will be Giving Free Codes, New Updates are on the Way

Save the Game, Save the World.

fortnite battle pass challenges leak

Fortnite Season 4 Week 5 Battle Pass Tasks LEAKS! Challenge List Updated!

Fortnite leaks are always welcome!

street fighter 5 cody release date

Cody Comes Back In Spiffy New Outfit in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Cody doesn’t just follow the law now. He IS the law.

fortnite state of development 5

Fortnite’s State of Development V5 Lets us Take a Peek on Playground Mode

The Llamas are the best thing in game.

mothergunship gun crafting demo

Mothergunship Gun Crafting Demo Lets You Craft Insanely Powerful Weapons

If I can build by custom 7-round RPG Revolver with Lo-fi 24/7 chill sounds, then this is an auto buy for me.

backbone kickstarter ps4

Kickstarter Project Backbone Will be Coming to the PlayStation 4

Let the raccoon memes commence!