Fortnite Battle Royale: Shopping Carts, Patch Update 4.3, Battle Pass Challenge Update

Later today, Fortnite Battle Royale will be shutting down and might be introducing a new mechanic on to it’s gameplay, in the form of a shopping cart.

Patch update 4.3 might go live in a few hours, resetting the Battle Pass Challenges that players need to complete. There will be new rewards upon completing it, and players that have purchased the Battle Pass will be eligible to complete these challenges. We have covered yesterday about leaks on the season 4 week 5 Fortnite Battle Pass Challenge list, so do check it out if you want to prepare before diving into the fight.

On another note, logging into Fortnite today seems to show a teaser for a new “ride.” After the advent of the Jetpack last patch 4.2, Epic Games wants to add a new form of “vehicle” as a transportation for either solo or multiple players on a squad.

fortnite adds shopping cart

Yes, the new transportation module is a shopping cart. We still don’t have any concrete information on how it moves, but it probably means that 1 player can push you around and both of you can achieve high speeds, white one shoots or is focused on shooting down enemies. Probably. Again, it’s a shopping cart, what more do you expect? We might have an inkling as to how your squad might look, though.

fortnite adds shopping cart

Fortnite Squads be like…

More updates will be coming our way once the live servers finish going through the patch update, so watch out for new stuff going on. We’ll be covering tons of other Fortnite related news here on PlayStation Lifestyle, so be sure to check them out!