fortnite kratos god of war skin

Tease From PlayStation and Leak Suggests Fortnite God of War Crossover with Kratos Skin

Fortnite’s Season 5 just launched after a massive event, an enormous battle with Marvel villain Galactus. The Mandalorian heads up the new Season Battle Pass, with a skin of the popular bounty hunter and a Baby Yoda (The Child) pod back bling earnable at rank 100. But that might not be the biggest surprise of the new season. A tease from PlayStation alongside a leak suggests that Fortnite is getting a Kratos skin, bringing the PlayStation-excusive god of war to other platforms in an epic crossover.

The tease from PlayStation was an audio log hinting that the next hunter being recruited “has literally vanquished multiple gods with his bare hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage!” It seems pretty obvious that the tease is referring to Kratos, especially considering the PlayStation Twitter is the one hyping it up. The pieces just all fit together.

However that’s not all the evidence for Kratos coming to Fortnite. Around the same time as the PlayStation tease, Twitter user HYPEX, known for Fortnite news, datamines, and leaks, posted a picture of the pale-skinned god of war himself, allegedly a leaked image promoting the Kratos skin in game.

The Kratos skin is expected to run $20, similar to other premium cosmetic packs, which “should include back bling and other cosmetics” for the price, according to Gamespot.

Sony invested a significant amount of money for a minority stake in Epic earlier this year. The partnership helped with the development of the PS5, Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, and is apparently now paying off in Sony’s franchise icons crossing over into the metaverse of Fortnite.

The popular Epic game is no stranger to larger-than-life crossovers. Notably, Fortnite’s partnerships with Marvel have been iconic, bringing skins and events into the game featuring the comic brand’s most popular characters. However, this marks the first time that a platform exclusive character like Kratos would make the jump into the multiplatform metaverse, a major step for both Sony and Fortnite, especially considering Sony’s early reluctance to allowing for cross-platform play for the Epic title.