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Sony Is Finally Opening the Doors to Fortnite Cross-Play

The time is finally upon us. PlayStation 4 players will finally have the ability to play with people using other consoles. However, don’t expect to play with the Xbox loyal on Minecraft quite yet. Cross-play will start with a Fortnite open beta that begins September 26, 2018. Even more exciting may be the news that progression can finally be carried across the various systems as well.

Sony has been dodging the cross-play question, after refusing to allow the feature on Minecraft and Rocket League, two of this generation’s most popular games that support the feature. Things really came to a head at E3 2018, following the announcement that Fortnite would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It was announced that the Switch version would be cross-compatible with all platforms Fortnite could be found on, except for the PS4.

Worse, players’ Epic Accounts weren’t cross-compatible, either. That meant that an Epic Account tied to the PS4 version of Fortnite couldn’t be used on either the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. While there was compatibility with the PC and mobile versions, it wasn’t enough for players who wanted to transfer their progress across consoles. The issue became so big that even industry heavyweights like Pete Hines weighed in on it.

Keep in mind this is very much the first step into the world of cross-play. Again, Fortnite cross-play is only in a beta phase at this moment. (Then again, Fortnite is still in Early Access). Other cross-play compatible titles were not announced, but this certainly opens the door for Minecraft or Rocket League to get the same treatment.

What do you make of this sudden reversal for Sony? Are you excited about cross-play? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]