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E3 2018: No Fortnite PS4 Cross-Play Across Other Console Platforms

While it was no shock that Nintendo announced during their own E3 showcase presentation that Fortnite was coming to the Switch (today, actually), it’s an even lesser shock that Switch players will not be able to play with PlayStation 4 players. In fact, Switch Fortnite players can play matches with Xbox One, PC, and mobile players. PS4 players can only cross the streams with PC and mobile.

While it does sound rage-inducing, we have to look at it from the PS4’s perspective. (Just for a minute, it won’t kill you.) The PlayStation 4 is the top dog among the console platforms. It has the largest install base, period. They have nothing to gain by supporting Fortnite cross-play, whereas Xbox and Nintendo have everything to gain from it. The real losers in this situation are the consumers, who just want to play Fortnite with their friends.


Does this decision affect you at all, or do your Fortnite friends stick to compatible cross-play platforms? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: PushSquare]