Fortnite Save the World Will be Giving Free Codes, New Updates are on the Way

Fortnite Save the World actually came out before Fortnite Battle Royale, but the constant updates and player surge on the battle royale part of the game made it shine far better than Save the World. It seems that Epic Games have other things in mind for StW, and it might spell a good future for the game mode.

While the player count for this PvE campaign mode isn’t as big as the battle royale’s, Epic Games is looking for a big boost in players for the original Fortnite mode later this year. The development team has confirmed that they will be giving out free Fortnite Save the World codes, meaning the game might be soon be switching to its free-to-play model as well (Save the World is technically still in early access right now, only playable with a paid Founder’s Pack. Full release will be a free-to-play model when it comes out).

Although this might be big news for StW’s dedicated fanbase, Epic Games hasn’t announced a release date for the new changes yet.

A recent development roadmap for the game suggests that this won’t be happening this month, or even early in June. However, Epic Games’ update schedule doesn’t include the last two weeks of the month, meaning, E3’s week might give out more reveals regarding Save the World’s free-to-play model.

There are a lot of hopes that Fortnite will be appearing on a Nintendo Stage. The game already has a mobile version, and people are asking for an actual handheld game console version. And there really isn’t anything in the way of stopping Epic Games from implementing that, in game development terms.

There might be news of more Fortnite Save the World information at this year’s E3, so watch out for it (we definitely would!) and see what move Epic will have for this campaign.

Fortnite Save the World is out for the PlayStation 4, albeit not for free like its battle royale counterpart.

[Source: Express UK]