Street Fighter V Update Brings New Stage, Costumes, and Music

With Halloween on the horizon, the folks over at Capcom have revealed a brand new, fall-themed update for Street Fighter V. Coming tomorrow, the game will be getting a brand new batch of costumes that are mainly centered on Halloween, as well as a new stage: a majestic English Manor. The stage will be available in-game for 70,000 fight money or $3.99.

For a brief breakdown of the entire update, check out the following courtesy of Capcom, and make sure to look at the gallery below for the full look at all of the costumes:

The spookiest month of them all is upon us, which means more Halloween Costumes to bring in the fright for Dhalsim, M. Bison, Urien, Birdie, and F.A.N.G! We’ve got a mummy, a demon, a sibling doppelganger (for all you Gill fans), a butcher, and a mad scientist to make your opponent cower in fear.

2016 Halloween Costume Bundle – If you missed last year’s Halloween Costumes, they’re back again this year with the option to buy them all in one bundle! Last year’s costumes consisted of Alex, Cammy, Nash, Necalli, Juri, Ryu, and Vega. All of these can also be purchased individually. The Spooky Arena stage is included in the bundle, as well!

New Stage: English Manor – This castle overlooks a sweeping landscape with the Northern Lights hovering up above. It’ll take all your willpower to not be distracted by the beauty of this picturesque stage. You can purchase the English Manor with 70,000 Fight Money or $3.99/ €3.99.

Background Music Packs – These packs will add a personal touch to every battle, especially since music can change how you approach each fight. If you’re feeling nostalgic, there’s a Street Fighter II version available!

You can pick up the new costumes on PlayStation 4 and Steam for $3.99/ €3.99 each starting on September 26.