Blue Reflection Out Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

September 26, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

Blue Reflection trailer

The release date for Blue Reflection is finally upon those in the West, and with the game out now Koei Tecmo has celebrated with one final trailer for the RPG. The game is the final entry in Gust’s “Beautiful Girls Festival” project, which also includes Atelier Firis and Nights of Azure 2, and has been out since late March in Japan. You can check out the trailer below:

For those interested in the RPG, make sure to check out our review of the game:

The lack of difficulty in combat and the lack of things to do outside of battle really makes this an enjoy at your own pace adventure, with the hope that the story and visuals are enough to carry you through rather repetitive gameplay. To a certain extent this works, because the game really does look pretty, especially during the action. However, the world itself and the Common area are rather barren and dull. It’s made worse by the fact that there are only four mini-dungeons in the game, all with the same enemies. Oh, and there is no ability to run, so just get ready for that.

It’s really rather unfortunate just how much is missing from Blue Reflection. The bones of a good story and combat are there, with likable enough characters, but that’s it. The lack of options in both the school life and the Common are just deflating. The game feels like a Persona starter kit to a certain extent; it just needs more polish and more to do. It’s not terrible, and I enjoyed my time with it, but there just wasn’t anything overly memorable to stick with me. Those looking for a relaxed trip that they can just pick up and play whenever, could find a solid outing here, just don’t go expecting the world.

Blue Reflection is out now for the Playstation 4 and PC.