Developer Frictional Games Working on Two New Projects

Today, Frictional Games – the developers of the hit horror game SOMA – released a lengthy blog post detailing not only the sales and reception of SOMA after two years, but to reveal the fact that the company is apparently working on two new projects.

In the post (which you can find over at their blog), Frictional Games details how, while the money from SOMA “is easily able to sustain” the company, it was clear to them that they need to make more games “at a regular rate.” Because of that, the company is working on two brand new projects. The first of which is apparently in “full production” already, and 80% of the team is currently working on it.

According to the studio, they can’t go into any details on the game, but it will be “horrific in nature,” whatever that means. There will be no release this year but they hope to announce something during the first six months of 2018.

The second project, on the other hand, has been “a bit delayed due to new tech taking longer than anticipated to develop.” The upside, per the studio, is that the game has had more time pre-production than any game they’ve worked on prior.

As far as tone goes, this second mystery project “will be less about direct, visceral horror, and more about the player gaining an understanding of different concepts,” which the studio says is quite tricky to nail. This game is “quite far off” from release, so we won’t hear any concrete details on it for some time.

For more information on the projects, and the sales for SOMA, make sure to check out the blog post in full.