Fortnite Battle Royale Update Plans Include Voice Chat, Character Customization

Fortnite Battle Royale has proved to be a huge success in its first week as a free-to-play title, as its already peaked past one million concurrent players, and Epic Games has a lot more planned. They revealed a list of upcoming features in a FAQ on their website. The planned features include voice chat, shoulder swapping, new weapons, character customization, and more!

Check out all of their Fortnite Battle Royale update plans from the recently posted FAQ below:

Will you add Voice Chat?

Voice chat is on our priority list and is a must-have feature before we consider squads done.

As a substitute, we currently recommend using Discord on PC and inviting players to private chat channels on PlayStation 4 or Xbox.

When are you going to introduce character customization?

The custom glider skins are the first example of our effort to introduce custom cosmetics, others to follow soon.

Will you introduce new weapons to Battle Royale?

Yes. We have a large arsenal of weapons to choose from in the Fortnite universe. We’ll have to see what makes the most sense when transferring them over to Battle Royale.

Will you add the ability to switch camera positioning from left-shoulder to right shoulder in third-person view?

Yes, we want to add shoulder swap.

Will you add a first-person option?

No. We’re not planning to add a first-person option. We don’t feel it fits with the design style of Fortnite. We may revisit in the future.

Will cosmetics be free?

Some cosmetics will be free, some will be be earned and some you may need to purchase.

Will there be Leaderboards and Stats?

Yes. We will have Leaderboards and Rankings. Regarding stats, we’re already recording a lot of player data and hope to have it visible in game soon.

I want to drive around. Where are the vehicles?

Right now we do not have any immediate plans to add vehicles. We’ve done some very early prototypes internally, but have concerns with how they’ll affect the flow of Battle Royale. We’ll let you know our plans when we have a better understanding of their impact.

Will you add more maps?

Yes, but not right away. We’ll also be looking into improving our current map, including adding more points of interest.

What else are you working to immediately improve or add?

We’re working to improve the feel of combat, controls, weapons, and movement. We’re also working to streamline inventory management, decrease time spent waiting in the lobby, and improve bus timing (so choosing when to jump has more strategy)

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[Source: Epic Games]