Updated Move Controllers Coming Alongside the New PSVR

Earlier today, Sony announced an updated model of the PSVR headset. The biggest changes come in the form of HDR pass-through and integrated headphones to address some of the cable mess, as well as buttons that control the microphone underneath the visor. Doubling down on improvements to the headset, it looks like there will be some updated Move controllers coming as well.

Highlighted on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, the new Move controllers will come with a Micro USB instead of the current Mini B connection that makes finding a cable for them nigh impossible. The Micro USB is the same connector that the DualShock 4 and most every mobile device on the planet uses. While it won’t be nearly as much of a hassle to charge these anymore, it does mean that the updated Move controllers won’t be compatible with current Move charging accessories like the PowerA PSVR stand or Nyko charger.

The other big change coming to the updated Move controllers is an increased battery capacity. Going from 1380 mAh to 1900 mAh, the new battery should boast a noticeably longer life, even if the current Move controllers can last longer than most players’ typical VR gaming sessions are going to go. One last change seems to be limited to the visual design, going with a gloss black for the Move button symbol and Sony logo. Not much else about the overall visual design and form factor of the Move controllers seems to have been altered.

Sony is really driving a focus on the PlayStation VR headset and accessories as we approach the one year anniversary of its public release. It makes me wonder if that rumor I heard at E3 about a possible release of dual gun motion controllers with analog sticks for movement may be coming soon. It’s surprising that an update to the Move controllers didn’t include any kind of navigation support, though this change does seem to be a low key update to align branding, rather than revamp the product into a 2.0 version.

[Source: Push Square]