World of Tanks Update 4.1 Out Tomorrow, Adds Maps & Swedish Vehicles

World of Tanks update 4.1 will become available on consoles come October 5. It’s a sizable World of Tanks update that includes two new maps: Pilsen, a “maze of construction equipment and gutted factory buildings,” and Redshire 1944, an alternate version of the Redshire map with a castle area. As far as new vehicles go, it adds a few Swedish premium tanks. These include the Stark Strv S1 (pictured above), and the Strv m/42-57.  Additionally, three German tanks have been added: the Pz.Kpfw. VII, VK 100.01 P, and the Mäuschen.

One other cool addition is the ability to watch replays. Here’s what you can do with that new feature (description via World of Tanks):

Watch Replays

Just had an amazing match you want to see again? Maybe you want another chance to record a video clip? Now your last five battles are available to view as in-game replays! Watch them with the ability to pause, play, jump, or change camera views. Be sure you don’t miss any of the intense combat!

You can only watch the last five replays from your current game session. They’re lost if you fully quit or close the game.


Once a battle ends, check the Personal Battle Results Screen for the “Watch Replay” icon. Use the left stick to highlight the option and press the A/X button to download the replay, or B/O to cancel the download and go back to the last screen. If in a Platoon or Team Training Room, you’ll be asked to leave before you can proceed.

You can also find replays in the “Log” tab. Highlight the battle you want to watch and press A/X to download.

To exit any currently playing replay, hit the Menu/Options button to pause play and choose “Return to Garage.”


Use the replay control panel to pause, play, skip forward or backwards 30 seconds, adjust the playback speed or jump to the beginning. Press Up on the directional pad to open the panel, and Down to close it.


The default camera view is the “tank camera”, with the full HUD and info from the player you’re observing. Use the triggers (LT/RT; L2/R2) to switch between players and the right thumbstick to control the camera.

In free camera, you can freely roam the map to view the battle from all angles. If close to a tank, you can activate “follow” to lock the camera tracking to the tank.

In director camera, the camera locks into place, and you can only control the direction you’re looking.

World of Tanks update 4.1 releases October 5 for consoles.

[Source: World of Tanks Update 4.1]