Suda51 Talks About The 25th Ward and Remaking a Mobile Game

Suda51 recently announced a remake of The 25th Ward, a formerly mobile title that’s the sequel to The Silver Case. Game Informer recently sat down with the eclectic developer and also director Nobutaka Ichiki to talk about the remake and more.

Here’s Suda and Ichiki on the enhancements for The 25th Ward and it’s mobile origins:

This was originally a mobile game that came out over a decade ago. How much of it did you have to change in order to update it for modern screens and the modern generation?

Suda: The story hasn’t changed – we haven’t changed a thing. But the approach to actually making the game is the same as making a new game; starting from scratch and just going from there and completely doing it.

Are there any enhancements for this?

Ichiki: One thing that we carried over from The Silver Case is that there’s something called The Film Window Engine, which is how the game is displayed when you’re playing it. So you’ve got that window and then you’ve got other windows [like the command window], and they kind of overlap and interact with one another. Because we were able to work on The 25th Ward, we wanted to use that system as well. That’s part of how the gameplay has changed from the original.

Game Informer also asked about how difficult is it to remake games:

Suda: It is difficult. It’s like rehabilitation to get back into, “What is The Silver Case? What is this world? What’s going on here?” I definitely had to take the time to do that for myself, to get back in that mode. However, the process of that rehabilitation put me in the mode to be able to write something new, and the cool thing is that now I do get to write something new and it’s going to be matched up with this current time that we’re living in. I haven’t written it yet but I, myself, am excited to see what I’m going to write and what’s going to come out of this.

There is a lot more over at Game Informer, including, and I quote, “why Suda compares The 25th Ward to a bowel movement coming out of his mouth.”

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case will release for PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Game Informer]