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PEGI Also Makes a Statement Involving In-Game Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have been a hot topic in gaming lately. With reportedly exploitative methods that sometimes requires players to but them to hopefully save time, or the fear that loot boxes can trigger addictive tendencies, many are hoping for the rating boards to provide some warnings and regulations for the boxes. The ESRB made a statement yesterday about this, and today we have a similar statement from PEGI, the European ratings board.

This is what PEGI would have to say on the matter, provided by WCCF Tech:

In short, our approach is similar to that of ESRB (I think all rating boards do, USK in Germany as well). The main reason for this is that we cannot define what constitutes gambling. That is the responsibility of a national gambling commission. Our gambling content descriptor is given to games that simulate or teach gambling as it’s done in real life in casinos, racetracks, etc. If a gambling commission would state that loot boxes are a form of gambling, then we would have to adjust our criteria to that.

Essentially, the rating boards can’t really define what is and isn’t gambling. As such, they can’t make any sort of designations against loot boxes one way or another. However, that would change if a gambling commission states that loot boxes are, in fact, a form of gambling. In short, if gamers want loot boxes to be considered gambling, they need to talk to regional gambling commissions and have them come to a decision.

Do you think loot boxes are gambling?

[Source: WCCF Tech]